Workshop Refund and Cancellation Policy

– There are no refunds on workshops once purchased.

– Please check your booking before proceeding. In the event that you cannot attend a workshop, a refund will not be issued. A DIY kit with a standard table lamp be posted to your address or can picked up from our studio. This is regardless of the type of lamp you booked in for, unless it is a candle holder or a small table lamp. In those cases, the item you booked in for will be included in the kit.

– Workshops may be rescheduled no later than 2 days before the designated start date. There is a $10 rescheduling fee, payable at the workshop.

– If we have insufficient enrolments for a workshop, we reserve the right to cancel it within 48 hours prior to the start of the class. We will enrol participants into another workshop and advise them of this.

– Workshop participants must arrive on time otherwise they will forfeit their chance to attend.

– If a workshop must be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather or a power outage, then we will advise all participants through social media and by trying to call them. If there is no answer to the phone call, we will then leave a text message advising of the cancellation. We will reschedule their workshop to another date and provide them with the details accordingly.

Need help?

Contact us by email for questions related to refunds and returns.